Number from excel loosing 0 at the end?

Good day

I want to copy the following nr as is out of excel

If i use the get range function and copy the content to a table and then run a for loop to extract the number the last digit (0) falls away?

Please assist as I need all digits
nr: 236091360 turns out to be 2.3609136E8 in express?

while 234091361 turns out to be 2.34091361E8

I had that problem… when i had to get some number from an excel I got it as you.

My solution was saving the numers as letters so… if I want to store the number 987631 I save it like :987631 an when I want to use it in my RPA i remove the character ":"
That works for me…
I have the same problem (and solution) for dates.

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We are planning to fix this issue when reworking the types and conversion in 1.1.9

@gerhardus_meyer @joreian the issue with such numbers in Excel has been fixed in version 2.2. They are now saved in big decimal, not scientific, format.