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Hi Alesia,
I have successfully followed your instructions in both instances, so thanks.
In re-running the process won’t this create an endless list of instances? Also I have not scheduled a process but does this scheduling of the process automatically create an instance every time it is run.
Finally, I did try and execute the OCR process and it failed. I will keep trying but one of my clients who has used this and other OCR software says they are not reliable. That the failure rate can be high? Has this been your experience?


Yes, the schedule creates a new BP instance when the process is launched. You can delete instances that you don’t need from the list.

What error did you get when using OCR?
OCR is image-based, so it is important to make sure that the capture images in OCR actions and the images in the documents look the same. It is also possible to set a lower image recognition threshold in RPA Recorder settings.


Hi Alesia,
I have just upgraded to Version 2.2. I deleted the previous version of Express and then downloaded the new version. Express works fine but i appear to have lost my workflows in Control Tower. The Control Tower has reverted to the sample Workflows under the name John Doe.
Will this always happen when you upgrade with one bot of Express/


Hi David,

Yes, it will happen if you uninstall the current version and install the new one.

If you just update to a new version, all workflows in Control Tower will be saved.


Hi Alesia,
So if you install on a new PC you lose the Workflow?


Yes, in this case you need to create a backup of your business processes before uninstalling.

You can read how to do it in this KB article

You then will be able to import these business processes in the new Control Tower.

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