Object Inspector - Ability to Assign Text to Variable

I have been coming up to speed on RPA-E Lumen and appreciate the enhanced Inspector functionality to precisely identify objects within Windows desktop applications via Mouse Click activity. Is there now (will there be or can there be) the ability to use this object-level functionality without scripting to directly assign a string variable thereby avoiding the need to scrape the value via OCR?

As an example, I am trying to record PC workstation information as part of performance testing. I would like to directly record the ‘System Model’ information from the Windows ‘System Information’ screen. RPA-E Inspector appears to access details down to the [TextBlock] and I’d like to be able to assign that text value to a Recorder variable.

My technical knowledge of this area is very limited and I do not have any experience in scripting - so I do not know if this is technically feasible. It does seem if it is feasible, it would be a more direct and efficient mechanism to record values from desktop application.

Please let me know.

Hi David,

This is not available yet, but we are definitely planning to add this option to the future releases.
Thanks a lot for the great suggestion!


There are 2 ways you can save the value of the field in a variables that can use before this feature is implemented in RPA Express. You can read the details in this post in the KB.