OCR componet in RPA Express


I’m very new to RPA world and would like to know if there any materials on OCR capability in RPA Express.

All I’m looking is to copy the PDF data ( Invoice ) which is multiple pages into excel specified cell. Is there any POC done in this regards.

Please share any materials / videos on OCR functionality.


Hello Mohan, Here is a link to RPA Express User Guide which you may find useful in the future, click here. Yes, there is OCR capability in RPA, and if you need to copy information from a .pdf invoice from multiple pages from excel specified cell this can be done. And, yes there are video’s on this which you will also find with the link provided above. There is also great training provided. Let me know if you need more information. Cheers.

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Hi I am also new to RPA. But I would like to know if OCR is workable on handwritten texts beside printed text? And for SPA, will OCR learn from past scanned texts?