OCR doesn´t connect with the server in RPA express


For days I´ve been having a problem when I try to run a script which has OCR. Here is what it says Sin%20t%C3%ADtulo|690x309

The version of workfusion I´m using is 2.4. The server profiles also are completed: http://localhost:15100

I don´t know if anyone had the same problem.
If something isn´t clear I´m sorry, my native language isn´t English.

Hi @mikavm

Could you please share log files from this folder:
%INSTALL_DIR% \Agent\Logs\ (by default C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Agent\Logs)

Hi! Here it is
Logs.rar (7.3 KB)

I’ve checked the log files. It’s a known issue and it’s gonna be fixed in the future.

For now please:

  1. Switch off Server components and exit Intelligent Automation Cloud.

  2. Then launch with option Run as Administrator :

This should help.


Thank you so much @iostapuk! It works OK now

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@mikavm Always pleased to help!:slight_smile:

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