OCR exception using tscon


We have 2 environments, a testing and a production environment.

In testing we have successfully used tscon in rdp to a Windows 10. However, in production we have NullPointerException

We have attached the log file of the exception

rpa-node0-2018-11-19.0.log (53.0 KB)

Hi Gonzalo, is there any text in the region the bot has to ocr?

There is currently a bug in OCR: if there is no text in the target region (like on the screenshot below), the action fails with exception Failed to execute script. null

It should be

Where can we see the image that the OCR takes when it’s running?


@gonzalomelov I meant if there was any text on the screen that the bot had to ocr? You should see the execution if you connect to the server via RDP>

Maybe, you can share the script that you are running with sample data so we can test and see what what might cause the error?

Hi @gonzalomelov do you still have this issue? Could you share your script with sample data to test it?

@ashapkina Sorry for the late response. I haven’t validated it 100% but I think we have managed to get it work using tscon and QRes


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Thank you! Glad it got resolved :+1: