OCR functionality not working for different system resolutions

In the version of 1.1.5 and build 306 we created a program for reading images using OCR functionality and its working fine in that system but if we run the same program in another system then we observed that there is a resolution and sytem screen size dependency and it’s not reading the data of the images as per selected anchor and capture region in the previous system.


You are right, if the OCR and Anchor areas have different proportions, you will get unexpected results on systems with another resolution.

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Hi @nand_kishor even i am facing same issue!

Thanks for the reply @azinchuk. Is the same behavior is with RPA SPA version as well? or Is it the limitation of the RPA Express version only?

Will appreciate your quick response!


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Hi all,

I’m also facing the same problem and is this problem also exist in Workfusion SPA?

WorkFusion SPA provides more OCR functions - extracting text from multi-page PDF documents, etc

Thanks for the reply @azinchuk

I understand SPA can work with text extraction from multi page PDF documents.

But does unexpected results are experienced on SPA version as well, if the system (say: production) with another resolution is used while deploying our OCR bot/task which was actually created on another system (say: development) with different resolution settings?