OCR : Getting extra data in results

I have converted a PDF using OCR and i am getting the expected results in the data tab.
But when i am exporting the data into CSV, i am getting some extra columns like accuracy and confidence.
How can i not get them in my final results?
Please advise.

Hi @shubham_saxena do you use RPA Express Control Tower?
What business process did you execute, sample process Data extraction from PDFs?

Hello @ashapkina
I use my organistion’s RPA Express Control Tower.
When i am executing the same BP on my local Control Tower, i am not getting those extra fields in my results.

Thank you. Could you also advise the version of this Control Tower? Are you sure it is RPA Express CT, not SPA?

Yes sorry i got confused. It is SPA.

and its version is " v. r.892488a9"

@shubham_saxena do you have a manual task in the business process?

No i have 2 bot tasks.