OCR integration and buying more pages



Hi WF support team,
Wanted to get understanding of bring your own OCR concept.
If I want to integrate workfusion RPA express with tesseract engine or any thirdparty ocr need to do it using wf webharvest library/REST api
if I have workfusion SPA also same kind of approach we should use for OCR.
Thanks & Regards

OCR action , failed to execute OCR action

Hi Mahesh

Thanks for the question.
With RPAx you have 10K pages to OCR for free and after that you can contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com to buy more.
Once you purchase more we will provide instructions on how to plug it in.

SPA if far more robust in terms of OCR and allows to have a dedicated server to process high volumes. If also supports HA deployment and prioritization.


Thanks for your response.
For the rpa express ocr does the flow is hitting abby cloud or the local abby instance.
Also on testing samplw ocr package. getting abby ocr engine intialization is failing. How can i fix this issue?


@Mahesh_Ramaswamy_CT1 - in the current RPA Express version, OCR service runs locally.

If you have issues with OCR, please check our Troubleshooting guide.

If the issue still exists, create a new forum topic for this and attach you logs there.


@azinchuk, i have a few questions on OCR

  1. Is there any place that we can find how many pages we have used for the OCR action?

  2. one page equal to one image/screen capture scan, irregardless of size of screen?

  3. how to it takes to purchase and install the new OCR pack? can share how much it costs for 45K pages?

I just read through the OCR portion in KB and could not find such info



see this article about page size - http://knowledgebase.abbyy.com/article/1373

to get more information on purchasing OCR license, just contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com

currently, there is no way to see the information about OCR pages used. We will add an improvement for that.



~(physical size of image) / (physical size of A4 image) all calculations are done with integer variables, so there are some rounding nuances in favor of our users.

Does this mean that if the OCR area size is small, for example, 300 * 10 pixels under screen resolution, that’s counted as “0”?


Hi @Qi_Zhou_Singtel
That would be great, but they also say that
n is always >= 1
So even your little “ABC” scan would probably count as 1 and consume from the 10.000.


@timriewe thanks for pointing it out… my eyes happily missed that point

10,000 is the limit? i thought it is 45,000?


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel I am no sure, actually I wrote 45.000 first but then I realised the post by @mabramchik where he says 10k…

OCR integration and buying more pages


Hi support team
Can you tell me which OCR product I need to purchase in order to get additional pages? Is it Abbyy Finereader 14? I need standard, corporate or enterprise?
And once purchased how do I activate it with my RPAx installation?
I was in contact with your commercial team and they told me the license cannot be purchased from workfusion.

Thanks for your advice!


@timriewe I wrote the them for the same questions and still waiting for the response


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel It should be easy to reply, following the announcement that bring-your-own-license is a basic part of the OCR concept in RPAx. Let’s see…



We use Abbyy Fine Reader SDK underneath. We are working on making the purchase available directly from WorkFusion or thru Abbyy. @pooja will contact you regarding the details and instructions.


@mabramchik @pooja
Excellent! thanks a lot! Looking forward to receiving this information.
Kind regards


@timriewe @Qi_Zhou_Singtel we’re working on some changes for OCR on our end at the moment. I will be in touch with both of you early next week to discuss next steps on this.



Hi Pooja,

Can you let me know how is the ocr pages concept used for licensing is it one screen is considered as one page.
Also should we need to contact WF for ocr license or Abby for getting the license
Thanks & Regards,



One page is an A4 page size area. If you send a smaller area for OCR at once, it is also considered as one page.

Please contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com if you want to ask for an extended OCR license.


Hi @azinchuk, I am afraid in rpaexpress@workfusion.com they also don’t have the answer. I tried that before with no success.

They propose buying SPA but don’t have a solution for RPAx


i want to integrate a third party ocr in Workfusion RPA is it possible?