OCR is disabled

Hello all,
In studio, OCR is disabled. I am not able to run the workflow using OCR. Please help me out.

Hi @Palak90 what version of RPA Express do you have?

I have the same issue, disabled OCR. Using WorkFusion RPA Express v2.3.6.1330. It been about a month since I original installed, is the OCR license only good for a month?

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@ashapkina Hello mam. I am using Version 2.3.1 of Workfusion studio

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@Palak90 you need to update to the new version. OCR license for 2.3.1 has expired.

Hi, @topher. No, current OCR license is valid till December 1.
Hover the cursor over the red status icon in the components tab. What message do you see?

@ashapkina Thanks…
Is 2.3.3 the latest version which I need to install ?

You need to install version 2.3.6 to use OCR.

No message appears when I hover over the red dot.


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@topher try to restart Studio and see if any message will appear after that.
If it doesn’t, try executing an OCR action and share the error message and OCR logs from C:\RPAExpress\OCR\logs.

I tried to update the version to 2.3.6 through the below mentioned link.

After downloading it started processing and that’s it stopped. Below is the screenshot of dialog box.

Now it is showing dialog box shown below.

Please help me out

@Palak90 do you want to install only WorkFusion Studio? Or do you need the Control Tower, too?

Yes I need to install workfusion studio along with all the components, control tower, OCR and other available features

Then you need to download the Business version from the website.
Try restarting your PC and then updating to the new version.

There are two versions available for download
1 RPA Express Starter
2 RPA Express Pro Business
Should I install RPA Express Pro Business? Is it free or do I need to pay for it ?

Yes, you need the business version. 1 bot is free.

Thanks…after installing business version I can use OCR,control tower and all other components.
That means I need to install RPA Express Pro Business mentioned in below screenshot.
For how many days it is free of cost?

As I already wrote above, 1 concurrent bot is free, you don’t need to pay anything for it.
If you want to use several concurrent bots, it is free for 30 days, and then you need to buy a subscription to continue using several bots.