OCR is not working


After installing the RPA Express installer, how many days I can work with the OCR feature in the RPA Express recorder. Because it’s been a week I have installed the RPA Express, OCR worked fine till yesterday, but today I could not perform any action with the OCR.
Can anyone please help in doing that, any settings I need to change?

Hello Srikanth,
could you please provide us with the screenshot of the error? Will be great if you can describe step by step of your actions.

Thank you.
Lizaveta Stsepanenka,
WorkFusion Service Desk

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I want to capture the text from the PDF and store in the variable. but when it comes to the OCR step it throws an error like “OCR action cannot be started” even though I have started the OCR from the taskbar.

please provide the OCR logs

Hi srikanth,
as for as i know if i am not wrong Upto 10k pages you can do ocr…it not depnds on days or month and after 10k pages you have to approach for ocr license…For more info you can contact to WF Team…
Sharad Kumar