OCR is slow when i am extracting data from .tif image

I am using OCR for getting some data from the image (.tif). when I have set all regions.
after that run, the program is taken time to get data from the image.

can anyone help me to reduce the time to taken OCR process.


Hi @asinghal2SfmvB are you using OCR actions in the recorder?

Hi @asinghal2SfmvB could you please advise if you use OCR actions in recorder of OCR plugin?

I am using OCR Action in Recorder but it is very slow.
how we can use OCR plugin please advise.

Akash Singhal

@asinghal2SfmvB the speed of the OCR action doesn’t depend on the format of the document. OCR actions in general are not fast (the speed also depends on the machine that you use), and there is no setting to speed it up.

You can only use OCR plugin in the “Code” perspective in the Studio, not in the recorder.

There are several topics on the forum about using OCR plugin.
You can find a sample script here, for example.

You can also find documentation on it in RPA Express: Help - Help contents - Machine task plugins - OCR plugin.