OCR Limited on 1000 pages


I am using 2.0, and if I use up 1000 pages OCR, how can I continue forword?

Do I need to buy extra 1000 pages, or I need to buy the enterprise liense?


Hi @ppyy88 there can be 2 ways:

  • upgrade to a newer version of RPA Express with a new OCR license. In free RPA Express, we provide a new license appr. every 3-5 months, each license having 1,000 pages. So, in general, you get about 1,000 pages for 3 to 5 months. Once you’ve used them, you need to wait for another version to come out.

  • buy Pro license - besides other pro features, it includes 10,000 free OCR pages for a year without the need to always update to newer versions.

Hi @ashapkina
I am using RPA Express version 2.3.1 and its give 10,000 free ocr but for me ocr is not started .
So what i do here please tell me.
Thank you…

@Jitendriya did you buy the subscription to the Business Edition (RPA Express Pro)?

No, i am using
Version 2.3.1
WorkFusion RPA Express

The Express version comes with 1,000 pages per OCR license, and the license for version 2.3.1 expired in August.
To use OCR, you need to update to a new version.

Can you tell me how to update the OCR new version .

Sure, here is the guide: https://kb.workfusion.com/x/KYLqB

when i try to update the following error is showing

@Jitendriya when did you get this error, when you clicked Submit on the form or when you accepted the EULA?

When i click submit.
I have one more doubt if i installed new version my old rpa project is working on new version or not.

Yes, they should work in the new version.
Note that the Express Edition 2.4 doesn’t contain Control Tower.

If you want to use use Control Tower, you need to install the Business Edition.

We have fixed the issue with the online form.

Ok, Can i used business edition without paying license cost .

Yes, you can use the business features for free for 30 days, and then continue using Control Tower but only with 1 bot.

Is there any alternate features of control tower in Express Edition 2.4 .

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Express Edition comes only with WorkFusion Studio and OCR.
Business Edition also includes Control Tower, Workspace and Storage.

Thank you so much for clear my all doubts .

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Hi @ashapkina , I am update workfusion express to Version 2.4.0
WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise ,Still ocr action is not working image .
So what i do…

What error does it show when you hover over the red status icon in OCR?