OCR still not working, failed loading License!

I’ve recent installed the Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.1 but OCR is still not working since the beginning. The indicator led shows always red. “Failed loading FREngine: There are no licenses on xxxxxxxxx”. - Which is actual exist!

Actually, I’m trying to pass pass my final Super User Assignment and struggling with this issue since several Days. I also tried RPA Intelligent Cloud on Windows 2016 Server (VMware) with 16 GB RAM and two Bots. But noway to get OCR running as expected.

I’ve attached my ocr.log, Licence files (OCR and FREngine) for your kind review,
please help.

Best Regards,


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FRLic.rar (11.8 KB) Licenses.rar (11.7 KB) ocr-task.log (674.3 KB)