OCR stopped working



this morning we had a process running perfectly, processing some 80 documents which included OCR action for each of them. When the process reached document #68 OCR could not be performed any more. I tried with a different OCR process set up from scratch and also not working.

extract from error message:
Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.workfusion.desktop.driver.ocr.impl.OcrException cannot be found by com.workfusion.studio.dependencies.rpa-api_8.5.1

Has the license expired? I am using 1.4.0 and thought OCR is good until July.Error executing OcrAction.txt (7.9 KB)


Hi Tim, when did you install this version?


Hi Alesia

that was installed on May 5 2018


Then the license should work. Is it possible that you have used up the 1,000 pages?


It would be strange that since that date we used up the 1.000. The montly process are 80-90 documents, where we OCR 2 fields in each document. So around 200 OCRs per month. We did have a bug that needed fixing and some test runs but I would estimate that shouldnt have used more than 600 scans maximum.

Can I see anywhere the counter or is that only visible from version 2.0 onwards?


Yes, the page counter is available starting from version 2.0.

I will get beck to you on this question later today.


Thanks Alesia!


Hi Alesia

Just a gentle reminder…I know you have lots of topics on your desk :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Tim,
Sorry for delay on this.

We were trying to find possible reasons for OCR stopping, but it seems like it should work if there are still available pages. Could you send OCR logs from C:\RPAExpress\OCR\logs and recorder logs from C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace\metadata. We’ll try to find more data there.

Thank you.


Sure! Here they are attached. I wasn´t sure which recorder logs so I included all from .metadata
OCR Logs and recorder Logs.zip (7.8 MB)


Thank you Tim.
Our developers will study them tomorrow. Please feel free to ping me here on the forum in case I don’t post an update soon enough.


Thanks a lot!


Hi Tim, according to the logs, there are no available pages left, that’s why OCR has stopped working. The license will be updated on July 1.


Thank you Alesia! License update on July 1 means I only have to wait and on that date there are new 1.000 scans available automatically? No need to update to a newer version?

Kind regards


No, you will need to update a new version to be able to use the new OCR license.