Older versions of RPAExpress

Hi, from where I can download older versions of RPAExpress?

Hi @zaib_aliOUOekv, we do not provide older RPA Express versions for download.

Thank you for your answer. Moreover, will new version affect projects made on older versions or their control tower activity?

The recordings that you make in WorkFusion Studio are saved in you user folder, so they are not effected when you install a new version.

If you have any business processes in Control Tower, you can create a backup before updating as described in the Knowledge base https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Control+Tower
and then import it back in Control Tower after the update, so all your processes will be saved.

Hi @ashapkina,

Will i lose the data after reinstalling rpax and Do i need to take backup,if yes, how i do it?

Is there any other solution to fix this issue?

@ravikumar177 what data are you talking about: your recordings in the studio, your business processes etc.?

@ashapkina The entire workspace

The workspace is kept during re-installation.

Only processes in Control Tower are removed. But if you update to a new version (not uninstall and install the new one), the processes are saved, too.

To back up your business processes, follow the guide here https://kb.workfusion.com/x/mAbmAg

@ashapkina Thank u so much for your fast response :smiley:.
Now i can unistall and install again , so that my workspace wont get disturbed right?

Yes, you can.
During the uninstall, only the folder RPA Express is removed.
As long as you used the default workspace and didn’t create another workspace in this folder, the workspace will not be changed.

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how do i reset S3 storage password

Follow this guide