Only one bot is running


While installation I have selected 4 bots but only one bot is running.

All other bots status is major outage

Please provide the solution

Hi @sagar_debadwar this is the correct behavior of bots - they do not start by default.

To start the bots you need, go to Bot Manager - localhost, Actions - Start.

Thanks .
Will i be able to change the ports for remote desktop connection while starting the bot

Hello @sagar_debadwar.
You can change ports for additional bots in setting files, but you need to make sure that selected port is not blocked by any other application or firewall.
To change port number in RPA Express settings, you need to exit RPA Express, find files like remote_bot_X.yml in RPA Express installation folder and change value of parameter “rpa_nodeX_port”. X means additional bot number.
Hope this information helps.

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Thanks @valeryia_rabchykava ,but unfortunately this is not working .

new bot trying to connect at
To connect on other port it should be connecting to

is there any way for this .

Thanks. I didn’t realize what you meant in the beginning. All additional RDP connections are required this address by default. Let me clarify whether it can be changed.

Could you please advise why do you need to run additional RDP sessions in other ports?
RPA Express RDP connections use default RDP port 3389 that set up for all RDP connections on current machine.

@valeryia_rabchykava Due to some security constraint port is changed to 80 ,instead of 3389 .
Thats why looking for the alternate way to connect on port 80

So in your case even you start additional bots manually via Bot Manager as Alesia wrote before, they didn’t start. Do I understand you correctly?

@valeryia_rabchykava yes they didnt start automatically , But when i start them manually they will connect to by default but instead i want them to connect

This means that you have default port 3389 for RDP connections as I wrote before. As I know port 80 is related to HTTP protocol, but not RDP connection.
Please see link below.

If you need to change default RDP port, it can affect all RDP connections on your PC, not only RPA Express additional RDP connections.

@valeryia_rabchykava yes thats fine pc is already accepting rdp over 80 only
if is any way to connect on 80 if not we will need to review the configuration .

Sorry, didn’t get your point. From your description, it looks like you have default RDP port for all connections on your PC and all bots work as expected in it. If you have specific restrictions regarding RDP connections in your company, it would be better to check with your local IT.

@valeryia_rabchykava yes you are right need to be resolved by local IT team .

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Thank you for the response :grinning:

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