Open Excel from External drive/ Sharepoint


My company has all the files stored on external drives or in SharePoint, unfortunately, “Open Excel” action does not work with such paths. Do you perhaps plan to add such functionality?

If not I’d be very grateful if you provided a custom script that would enable us to do so. This is probably the biggest obstacle in the workflow as we have to implement a lot of workarounds (around 1/4 of robot actions are workarounds for this issue).


Hello @Piotr.
As about external drives, do you have an access to it? If yes, you can use the link to the file to open it via “Open spreadsheet” action:

Hello @Lera

Access is not an issue. Open Spreadsheet action does not work because the groovy code responsible for this action can only refer to a path on a local drive. What I need is a script that would be able to open spreadsheet from any path.

I’d really appreciate help in this matter.

Do you try to open file via groovy, not with help of Actions Flow?

Yes, I’ve tried to employ the same code as a custom script, however it didn’t work. Unfortunately I do not know Groovy nor Java. I’m only able to write code in VB

Thank you.
Do you know the exact URL for file?

Yes, however I cannot share it here. The path for sharepoint starts with “http://”

Ok, thanks. So you can try to use the following custom script:

    input = ['url'],
    output = 'file_path'
def customScript() {
    def file_path = downloadFileOnAgent(url)

It allows you to download your Excel file into temporary directory and returns local path to it. Then you can use this path, update file and upload to the resource if required. Or if you have some folder that synchronized with Sharepoint, you can just copy this file to it.
Hope this helps.


Thank you a lot @Lera !

I will try this out as soon as I finish other things. I use VBA macros to copy files between local drive and sharepoint but it complicates the process. It would be great if we could open the spreadsheet directly and interact with it. I’m hoping it will be implemented in the future.

Anyway thank you for the help!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

You can write in the Feature Request category about this feature to vote for it. If this collects enough votes, development team will take into consideration for further improvements.

Well I actually posted this thread in the feature request category but it was moved :slight_smile:

Hello again,

actually we solved the issue. It seems WorkFusion is able to open the external files but it requires a specific format of the path that can be found in the properties of a given file (“Location”):


Once you copy this path, it can be used for the “Open Spreadsheet” action.


Thank you for sharing this solution! :+1: