Open website action is not being completed because of window security popup

I am trying to open a website which opens a window security popup, where the credentials have to be passed for the website to open.
The issue that I am facing is open website activity is not being completed. It stays there for the timeout second given and throws a ‘Timeout’ exception.

Hi, @indupriyaa try using Exception Handling in your script: put the Open website action in the “Try to complete” block, and in the “If an exception occurred” block - the actions to pass the credentials. I think, after the Exception Handling part, you will need to have another Open website action to open the same URL after passing the credentials.

@indupriyaa did this solution work for you?

Hi, @ashapkina

I used Open website action in ‘Try to complete’ block and Switch window action in ‘if an exception occured’ block. this worked for me.

Thank you

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