"Open Website" closes without completing download

Hi Team
I am using “Open Website” in the action library to download download multiple 1gb files. Unfortunately, it closes without completing all download resulting in incomplete download.
I have increased the wait but the browser still closes after sometime.
Does someone know how to solve the issue

Hello @h01234567.
Maybe your session limit exceeds the default timeout. How long are all files downloading?

Hi @Lera
Normally more than 30 min it depends on the internet connection

I have put wait at the end of recording but same result

Currently i am tying this solution

Can i simply change the preferences ?

I also can suggest to add some check that all files are in place. For example, using “Get Folder Contents” you can read all downloading files into the list and then get list size and check whether it matches with files number. In this case, you can re-download missing files.


Working for me

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Thanks a lot for your guidance!
I design the action flows to wait for completing downloads as the capture.
[Check Existence] + [IF] + [While] + [Wait] + [Check Existence]

Script is as below:
Name: GetDownloadsPath

    output = 'path_downloads' // return script result and assign to a Recorder variable
def customScript() {
    def String downloads_path = System.properties.'user.home' + "\\Downloads"
    path_downloads = RString.of(downloads_path)