Open website error "Failed to decode response from marionette"

I am using open website action to open a local pdf file and then read some data out of it via xpath. The programm runs perfectly processing various files and then runs into an error randomly as it seems:
" Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Failed to decode response from marionette"
Marionette error.txt (8.5 KB)

When I restart the process it processes the same file where it stopped before without any problem. And then randomly stops again some files later. In 82 files I processed this ocurred 4 times.

Any idea anyone?

Hi @timriewe which version of RPA Express are you using?

we are still on 1.4.0 in that client

@timriewe we haven’t met this issue before.
You might need to update geckodriver if Firefox has updated, but not sure this is the case.

If the update doesn’t help, could you share your recording with sample data file? We will test it.

Hi Alesia
I did the update of the geckodriver as you said and in 81 files I processed the error did not appear. Looks like its solved :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim

Great! :+1:
Thanks for letting me know