Opening a saved file



How do I open up a saved project in the RPA Express recorder mode?



You need to open the Media Files panel and find your project there

Then open the project folder and double-click the .rpae file


I can’t see my .rpae file. Its just some xml and csv file. Is there anyway to recover it?


If i close the tab, even after saving, the .rpa file goes missing from the folder.


Looks like I have the same problem as Edmund. I have created a few scripts. But there is no rpae file in the folder .
(just the xml file , a log file and the png files)

Is this because I should have made a project first?.
tried again made a project first and then a new script and now the rpae file is in the folder.
And I can open and close the project from the Media file browser.

I had closed the original script in the RPA recorder, so it looks like I cannot open them again. :frowning:
Is there a way open them again? f.eks. copy the script to a project?



please post your Media files folder screenshot here and your project forlder zip



Here is a screenshot and zip file.

Its a very simple script to open a list in excel.

Thanks for the fast response. (18.2 KB)



Just right click > Rename > add the “.rpae” to the end of file name for the OpenExcelTest file


Thanks a lot , just rename in from the Media files browser, and its ready to be opened again


Works for me too :slight_smile: thank you so much.