Opening up multiple browsers using "Open Website"?



I’d like to open multiple websites and switch between them. I tried “Open Website” but it does not seem to be working well. Is there any way to achieve this rather than opening up a different browser and switch to that via “Window” action?

Moreover, can you confirm that the “Switch to Browser” action works for a single browser (that was opened up using Open Website) only since it is parameter-less function? I’m using WorkFusion RPA 1.1.3-beta and Switch to Browser never seem to be working for me.


You can also work with “Launch Application” using commands such as
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --app=",
for example to open specific site via different browser. You can open more sites like that and just use “Alt-Tab” to switch between them, works well and fast.

Only problem is that you can’t pass a variable to that command, or use XPath inside of it. So if you’d need that I’d just do “Open Website” and from there you can “Alt-D” to paste new URLs you need to move to and so on.

Combination of those two most likely will solve your problem. But then at the same time you can open, close, switch between tabs in the same browser like IE via shortcuts.

Hope that helps.


Hi, @haider_raza

  1. Correct, you can open browser just once with “Open Browser” action
    however, as @vertex mentioned you can open browser with “Launch Application”, but all xpath-based actions will not be available

  2. It actually performs switch, but does not bring the focus of this window.
    You still can use click by xpath and webAction


Thanks @vertex and @mzhalniarkevich for your responses and valuable input on this.

Yes, I finally did use the “Launch Application” and then “Window” to bring back the focus on the specific window. I really did not want to compromise on the xpath-based actions but can’t help it and working with the images now :-\