Opening website in it's own fresh browser

Hi Team,

I’m using rpaexpress tool and trying to use Open Website control and have set site URL. When i’m playing recording then it’s opening own Chrome Browser (I’have selected Chrome) instead of in my already opened Chrome browser.

I have installed few Chrome extensions in my Chrome browser (Developer Mode) but in Chrome (opened by this rpa tool) i didn’t find those extensions installed.

Is there any way to achieve this OR to navigate to the my same opened Chrome browser instead of new.

Please let me know if you need any further information from my side to understand my issue more.

Thanks in Advance.

Yes, we need to open a new browser to be able to use web actions.
We’ll see if there is any workaround for using your installed extensions in Chrome. I’ll get back to you on this question a bit later.

Hi Alesia,

Thanks for your prompt response. I have few queries regarding RPA express such as:

1)I have set up a recording according to my requirements and assigned Image based and web based task to robot. If there will be any error in web page (which are not as expected) then robot couldn’t proceed to it’s next step as it’s not able to find next assigned image/value in working screen. So my query is how will come to know when robot is stopped working OR couldn’t proceed further due to error in web page? If i will get to know this by any way then how can i resume the process or restart the robot?

2)I need to copy the URL from an excel sheet and paste into another place let say in Google Search. I have tried it and found that it is possible for robot is to type whole URL but there is no any option to just copy and paste. My URL is bit long so it’s taking time to type the URL.

For this i have load the Excel sheet and assign column of my choice, now using FOREACH loop and under this i’m using ‘Enter Keystrokes’ (selected Text From Variable option).

3)Is there any option to stop the robotic process after defined time (let say after 1 hour) and start again whole process after few minutes?

4)If i need to create a log in between all steps (Let say write to notepad or something) then how can i do it in background. Is there any way to do it?

Thank you for responses.

@saurav_anandRk Regarding the question about using extensions: there is no option to use them right now. We’ll investigate if we can fix that.

@ashapkina Thank you. I have found another way to do extension stuff. Could you please help me with my another few queries. That will be really helpful.


  1. You could use Exception handling and write a message to a text file or send an email in case an exception occurs. You can restart the process manually.
  2. You can use xpath to quickly paste text in such case.
  3. There is currently no option to stop/pause execution.
  4. Use Write to file action - it is executed in background.


Thanks for your response. Please tell me what is the use of ‘Export Code’ menu of any project?
I’m seeing two sub-menu a)export code to groovy script b)export code to bot task (i’m getting XML Config code).

Could you please tell me is there any possibility i can use these scripts in my windows desktop application (written in C#). Or can i perform the specified activity in another machine by integrating these scripts to my windows project?

Please do let me know if my query is not much clear or need any further input from my side.

Thank you.

Saurav, the export ptions allow you to:

  • export your recording as a groovy script and copy and insert it into a script, or
  • export it to a bot task (xml) and copy and paste it in a bot task editor in Control Tower.

You won’t be able to use the code in the desktop application as you described above. You can copy the recording and run it on another machine, but only if this machine has RPA express installed, too.
Or you can export a business process from a Control Tower and import it into another Control Tower, but also only if you have RPA Express installed on the target machine.

Thank you very much.

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