Option to hide/move task recorder

I want to hide this because I want to click next button but when i play recorder task it show up and cannot to click that

you can pause the recording, drag the Recorder window out of your working area, so it does not overlap the controls you want to use, and continue the capturing.

there are way to play recording that not drag the Recorder window out of working area.

i capture next button. but when i run it click new item critiria button instead .

Thanks for your information! please vote for this feature request (remember player window coordinates) to raise its priority.

Meanwhile, you can use more stable Web actions: Open Website and Mouse Click on Web Element inside it:

Is there a way to change the position of the recorder so I don’t have to drag it out manually?


Yes. I programmed the bot to move the task recorder to a new location. However, it’s not a complete solution. Because it’s hard to predict what part of the screen you will never use. For example, when you open new windows (Explorer or Browser) they might pop up in a spot where task recorder is partially covering it. An option to hide it temporarily would be the best. Vote and it might be implemented in the future.

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