Out of memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded

Hi All,

I have been using RPA since version 1.1.
Been a fun ride and I have seen great strides in functionality in version 2.2.1.

My issue currently is simple.

  • I cannot open an Excel sheet and resave it as another name.
  • I get: Out of memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded

The process works in smaller sheets perfectly fine.
My excel sheet is 4M in size and full of formula so I must be hitting a limitation in RPA.
Any suggestions on how I can increase this GC overhead limit??

I am using RPA Express version.
I will be upgrading to RPA Pro version in April, so if there is no fix now, will it be fixed when I upgrade to new license?

Hi @anthony_russoL,

Could you please share your Excel file, so we can check it from our side? If it doesn’t contain any sensitive information.
You can also share this file to me directly via Direct Messages.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @anthony_russoL,

Could you please clarify if this issue is still actual?
Also you can try the troubleshoot from this topic - Open Spreadsheet out of memory

My excel file is only 4M but it failed due to GC error.
The modification to Java fixed the issue.
Best Regards,
Anthony Russo

We’re glad that this solution helped you;)