Outlook actions, like Excel


Are there any plans to release actions for Outlook so that it can be automated in RPAx as easily as manipulating spreadsheets using Excel actions?

Actions such as

  • checking for unread mail in specific folders,
  • sending email,
  • extracting email content (e.g. email addresses, subject, attachments)



We plan to have an Email action group - so that you will be able to automate your emails and attachments - no matter which email client you use - Outlook, gmail, Bat, Thunderbird, etc.

Please vote for this topic to raise its priority

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Absolutely, thanks! Most of my staff use Excel and Outlook, so with the email action group, it’s significantly easier to get their buy-in to get started with RPA. I’m sure this is similar to many companies out there… so I’m hoping for the best!

Hi, when is this feature coming out?

We have plans to introduce it in 2018 Q1

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when this feature is getting released

Mahesh, we are planning to add email actions within the following 1,5-2 months.

ok thanks.

So till that which is the best approach to read outlook mails and contact details.
can we use vb macro or any other recommeded approach.

We are using Outlook UI to save PDF attachments from emails. WF checks if there are new emails, saves attachment to disk and after that archives email. Also sends email to sender to confirm that email has received.

Email actions are welcome addition to WF, makes email handling much simpler and faster if they are implanted like in UiPath for example.

Thanks Mikko, when can we access Outlook UI? I have a job to do where I have to monitor inbox in WorkFusion studio by writing bot task in xml, is there any pre-written or a template available for a box task in kb?

Are there any updates wether these kind of actions are going to be implemented?
Or is it currently possible to automate email tasks that can be done in the background? Right now the only possibility I see to automate these kind of task is to use recording with mouse clicks, keystrokes etc., but these require to be run in the foreground including the mail program.

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Hi @alexr we are not planning to add these actions in the nearest releases.
Current options are using mouse clicks and keystrokes or using the mail plugin (it is only available in “code” perspective).

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