Outlook mail not set active

I have written a code to login in outlook mail, in one system it just logs in, reads the mail and proceeds well. When we put the same code in another system, it types in username and password and logs in, but the window is not active it performs operations outside outlook. Is there any workaround?

Hi @agokulakrishna

Have you defined the window in which you type credentials using Window action?
You can also find an examples of automating Outlook in our Knowledge Base

Also please clarify your RPA Express version. And the screenshot of the exception would be great.
What do you mean by “put code in another system”?

We cannot use window action in my code(inside open website action,so i even tried out with script,it was not reliable as well).I had attached a screenshot of my code.

I entered the password and select sign in using mouse click(x-path).Then used alt+d and 6 tabs to reach search box,in my computer it works fine.But when the same code was imported in other system,it performs tab action in taskbar.

error.docx (157.1 KB)

So you’re opening outlook via website, not application?
On what step does the issue occur? Are there any exceptions?

Please go to Window -> Preferences -> WorkFusion Studio -> RPA Recorder and turn on Enable typing in any window without explicitly switching . This should solve your issue

No, it didn’t solve the problem.
I am getting an error in the 13th line. If I use a mouse click (image), clicking anywhere in the window, the code runs. But sometimes it throws an error.

@agokulakrishna can you click on some web element instead of an image? It is more reliable.