Parse List to perform compare with String and Number Variables



When copying data from a “green screen” I am unable to pull element data from the list variable into the individual elements of the line. I have set up a list variable (ara_line_read) and divided it into 6 elements shown below.

Each variable has been defined as well.

When I copy to the clipboard and test it, the test shows a correct parsing, however, the defined variable = 0. How do I pull the data from the data elements?

The data - image“[”“10/25/13"”,"“IN”","“2283176"”,"“388.34"”,"“0.00"”,"“0.00"”]"

The conversion preview looks good but the elements are all empty. Am I missing a step?


hi @jdoering,

It seems you have overcomplicated the script.

A List can contain multiple String values, not variables.

So you can parse your clipboard content to a List and then access the List values in the For Each loop. See -


If the “List” has those elements defined, shouldn’t there be a capability to pull data from individual fields instead of doing the ForEach? Especially with each element having a different type - String, Number… Instead, it looks like I have to create the ForEach loop, move the field into temp variables then process again to move to the final variable.

Is there a better sample than this for processing a line of data that has 3-4 fields of varying type?


in next releases we are planning to introduce indexes for Lists and Tables which will solve this problem:



What is the timing of this feature?


it depends on forum votes :wink: