Pass data from Control Tower to Recorder


I have a BP where in first step it gets the Input data from S3 storage and next step is recording. Is there a way to pass the data from control tower to recorder? i.e Pass data read from S3 storage in Control tower to Recorder.

Hi Rahul, you cannot pass the data from Control Tower to Recorder. You can pass the data from one bot task in Control Tower to another bot task in a variable. Could you provide more details about your process, what data do you need to pass?

Then how would you use recorders in the middle of the process ? i.e step 1 bot task -> step 2. recorder -> step 3 bot task.

If the recorders should have only user defined variables within the recorders then i couldn’t see the use of recorders in a real time business process where the data flow manipulation is happening in every step. In that case, every step needs to be a bot/manual task ?

I think there was a misunderstanding.

When you create a recording and publish it to Control Tower, it is published as a bot task there.
I meant that you can pass data from one bot task (a recording published to Control Tower) to another, or to a manual task, but you cannot pass data from Control Tower back to a recording in WorkFusion Studio.

When you get input data, you save it to a variable, and when this bot task in completed the data is transferred to the next bot task (recording) that can use it.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have additional questions.