Pass item in list to a new variable

Can I pass an item in a list to a new variable? It means I run a for each loop (item in a list), each time I want to pass this item to a new variable. However, have not found a way to do that yet.

Hi, @annguyen do you mean you need to pass the value to a different variable in each loop? For example, in the 1st loop to variable “string1”, in the second loop to variable “string2”, etc?

I mean the same variable. Thank you so much for replying. I have found the way to resolve the problem.

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Glad it got resolved :+1:

can you please share me the solution

@anbueceit you can do it using Constant Value action.

I want to pass the item on a list to a custom script.

List = [212,213,214]

I want to pass each id in the list to custom script It means I run a for each loop.

in the custom script, I am having API script used to call the GET method using Id’s in list