Password Protected Excel File

For HR Related data, it is necessary that the files that RPA is accessing be password protected. However, when I try to open with the Excel action, it is unable to open the file and there is not an option to provide the password.


Hi John,
You are right, there is no option to type the password when using Excel actions now. Please vote for this feature.

For now, you can open the file using Application action, type the password, copy the file contents to a temporary Excel file, open it using the Excel action and perform the actions you need, then delete the temporary file at the end of the script execution.


Hi @ashapkina

The Business person want it to be done in background
Is it possible to do it on script ?

Kindly advice

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If it is a password protected file, no. Excel actions that are executed in the background don’t work with such files.

Hi @ashapkina,

While creating excel from list using list-to-excel. I want to make it password protected.
Is this feature available ?

Jeetan H. Lotwani