Password variables

How to capture passwords in variables? I seams to not see this type of variable? Any thought about adding that function in future releases?

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Now you can use the String variable type for password variables

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Trouble being that password is then visible. I was wondering if you thinking about adding different type of variable where password is protected. Our security systems will not allowed to capture password in secure (not coded).


I think this is a feature request. Let’s convert to votable item.

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+1 @mabramchik

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We’ve added a voting feature for this topic - just click the Vote button near the Topic heading.

Topics with the highest votes amount will have increased priority on the RPA Express roadmap.


We have plans to integrate the Secure Storage from Control Tower into the RPA Recorder, so you will only choose one of the available aliases for credentials that are physically stored in the Secret Management Service database and are not visible on the UI.

that is great news :slight_smile:

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had better to implement encrypt and decript method .

Has this been implemented?

Hi azinchuk,

Can you please let us know whether this will be available in next release?

If so, when is it likely planned to …

Please I need this feature badly to create POCs.


@kmkumar1 - this feature is planned for 2018 Q1.

If you have a vision or proposals how you want this feature look like - please share!

Hi azinchuk,

Thanks for the prompt replies.

It would be great if RPA Express Action library has something like "Password/Encryption/Decryption " sort of actions where Authentication details can be stored (Internally ) and retrieved by the Bot when Login to the applications.

As the Secure storage available in the Control Tower can not be accessed from RPA recorder I believe its a basic feature to have in RPA express in order to assure security to the client (atleast while giving Demo).



I have a work around to retrieve info (user name and password) from secure storage in the control tower and then use it with your recordings

Would that assist you?


Yes - Can you append here? Or send to me? Thanks.

@mlaszczynska @ajay.danait @Lasitha_Wijenayake @kmkumar1 @gerhardus_meyer @jdoering
Hi All,
we have added Secure Storage to WorkFusion Studio as an optional feature in version 2.0.2.
You can find details on how to enable and use it in this topic:

Hi Alesia,

I tried the above steps , i stored some values in the secret vault under KEY tab say 12345.
Then i declared Secure storage variable with the drop down username.key

I am opening a notepad and using a secure storage variable i.e username but i am getting empty value in notepad.


Ok , i restarted the RPA Tool , now it is taking the value from the stored variable…

Now the Problem is when i change the value in the Secured Storage i , say i update the valuee o singapore123t( under Value tab ) it is still taking the old value i.e 12345

What could be the possible cause

BOT.txt (708 Bytes)

What version of RPA Express do you use?

The Secrets Vault doesn’t look correct. Also, there is not variable type Storage.

Also, in the bot task you shared, the value of the secret variable is Testing.KEY.

I would suggest restarting the application and creating new records in Secrets Vault and a new recording.