PDF creation in Workfusion


I have to create a PDF file using input data. Can I use itext or PDFBox to create a pdf file in a Workfusion bot???

Does workfusion have any in-build tools for creating pdf files?

Hello @pavan_nama.
There are no any pre-build actions for creating pdf files in RPA Express. You may automate third-party tool for creation pdf files via RPA Express using Recorder Actions and object selectors.
Alternative option is to write your own code to create pdf in Code Perspective.

Hi @Lera,

So, I have to install third party jar files in RPA Express??

I mean that you can automate the specific application which will create pdf in RPA Express.
If you want to write own code in Code Perspective, you can import PDFBox classes, this library is included in RPA Express.

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Ok, If I want to use lowagie, itext for creating the PDF File, these tools give me the desired pdf format.

My question is, Is there any possibility to use other PDF Creation jar files instead of PDFBox?

If you want, you can try to use other jar files in your code, but this will be custom solution and we cannot support this case.


Thank you :wink: