Permanent values of Variables in recorder



I passed on some values to variables by copying it from clipboard. However, when I tried to use variable values in later steps in a recorder, it is returning blank. Is there a way to hold on the same values until I change it…?



please share your script here - zip your project folder from the Media Files panel and upload it on forum.



please answer the request above, thanks


I will post it as soon as my system is up and running.



do you have any updates?



Thanks for your concern.

Our system has been upgraded and may take some time to restore. Will post the required details as soon as possible.



Please find attached my script and an excel image…

I am trying to copy values in excel to variables created in script so that i can use it later in the flow. However, after first use the variable values (non constant) ones do not hold their value.

I am trying to loop using condition that do while car_id is not empty…but its not (2.6 MB)


@Sandeep_Varma - why are you not using the Get Range action? -



I used the get range and different other options. However, it still doesn’t hold value of variable that is passed in the beginning.


Your script does not use any variables from the Recorder Variables.

To check it, try ti search any variable name from this list

  • cap_currentsales
  • cap_savedsales
  • cap_sm37
  • ccp_netsales
  • ccp_sm37

in this file:

BI_Flash_Verification_AsiaRussia.xml (139.3 KB)

Please see these articles about using variables in RPA Recorder: