Picking date from calendar popup

I’m trying to robotize a daily pricing task and the only thing I’m having to manually enter is the date. When I click effective date a calendar pops up and I have to physically click on the day. I use a different date each time I build the pricing so I’m wondering if there’s something in place to handle that?


can you use keyboard to type or paste the date in mm/dd/yyyy format?

Nope. As you click on the field for date, the calendar just pops up. This happens with a few different programs/websites.

if it is a web site, you can modify the control value using the Web element action - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Web#Web-SetValue

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I have to select current system date on date picker that displayed below image,

I use Web Element command.

But is raise an error in execution time.

any idea or any workaround ?? please let me know @azinchuk @amashentsev

I think, you need to do this with Mouse Click action, or you need to set the “value attribute” of this web element - depends on the html code

Could you please explain about it

hi we have a similar situation where we are unable to use set by web element as the field is defined as read-only, any solution for this problem or workaround?

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Hey guys,

Date pickers are a bitch. They suck!!!

We encountered this issue when using other company’s RPA platforms. I haven’t checked that this solution works in WF’s software, but I think it should be pretty universal. There are other solutions, but we have found this one to be the one that can handle the most cases.

You’ll have to expand the HTML more. This is for HTML date pickers only. Also, you need to parse/delimit the IDs or whatever they use for the marking of each day of the month. For ours, GwtDateTimePicker_day{$num}.

Most of the HTML date pickers arrange themselves in either tables (if they are older) or divs. It looks like, in your case, its using bootstrap. It will be a tad different for you, but the same idea.

let’s say the current day is the 19th and we are in November (its more typical for illustration)


As we can see, we have dates from other months occupying space. It is a fact for my date picker that the same number of elements shows up, regardless of the month.

Below, circled in black our date picker starts at 0, but this represents a different month. the 29th day of october. Since we know what day today is, the 19th for our scenario. The 0 is also equivalent to {$num} from above.

So let’s look at the 19th.

It is showing the 19th, but the cell name is the 21st. If we want something 4 days in advanced, we are looking to target the 23rd. The 21 is also equivalent to {$num} from above.

There are two ways of doing it from now. If you know I need to add 4 days to the date, then target the 25th position. Weekend handling was most easily done in either excel or a short program. I can post the code for either.

The other way is a tad more difficult, but if you know you need a specific day, rather than currentDay+num this works better.

If we do some quick math, 21-19=2. This gives us the “offset” (or number of days from a different month (have to add one to get that because the array starts at 0)) of the array. And let’s say we want to target the 2nd of december.

The second is really the 32nd day of the month, using our offset, 32+2=34. If we target the 34th day we should get the second.

This is correct!


@azinchuk ?

If we are not able to type the date using keyword and have only option of selecting the date from the calendar pop up then how can we achieve this?

I am also facing same problem. Can anyone solved this problem.? have any solutions.?

@pankaj858 can you share the web-page on which you need to pick the day?

This is my web page and the blue highlighted area is my datepicker area.

@pankaj858 i guess this topic is related to yours

You can select the required date using mouse clicks on XPaths as described in this post.