Play from current step

The play from current step option when I try to run the step #38 (see image) it only connects to the robot and then returns to the RPA dashboard without doing anything.

Hi Jose, the image that you want to click on is not visible when you start playing the recording. The robot cannot find it and click on it, so the script cannot be executed.
You need to add actions that will open the window that will contain this image.

But I have the screen of the image i’m clicking opened in one side of the screen and it still doesn´t work.

You need to add a Window step before the Mouse click action, where you need to specify the name of the window in which the bot has to click.

Still doesn´t let me play it from current step, I included the Window step before the mouse click as you told me.

Could you share the recording (or the part of the recording you want to play) here?

How? I already shared the picture of the recording at the first post.

You can zip the folder with the recording (from C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project) and post here.

The reason the bot cannot find the image can be that the size of the image on the screenshot is different or the name of the window is incorrect.
But it is hard to say without seeing the recording.