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How to make a Business process portable and executable across the machines.For instance I have BusinessProcess namely “BP” which is created using RPA recorder and published to Control tower and is working fine in Machine “A”.

But I want to run or execute the same BusinessProcess “BP” on other Machine “B”.So how can we achieve that ?
what steps needs to be followed?

Note* I tired compiling the groovy code produced by RPA Recorder using Groovyc and tried executing the .Class file.But I couldn;t succeed …Please advice or assist

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You can create a business process package, download it to your local machine and then upload it to another machine with RPA Express.

Option 1 - create a backup for all processes

Option 2 - create a package of an individual process

Import the package to another control Tower:


Hi azinchuk,

Thanks for quick reply.

The above mentioned steps are feasible only when RPA Express is installed on the Target Machine (In our case its Machine “B”). But what if I want to execute or Run BusinessProcess on machine without RPA Express Installation?

Is there any way to make Business Process to be an .exe or Jar file so that can be executed anywhere?

Please Advice.



not now. Please vote for this feature to raise its priority. Thanks