Possible to enable @Grab annotation usage for Custom Actions

Is it possible to add @Grab annotation support for custom actions so additional libs can be loaded during bot execution?

@ashapkina do devs have any direction on usage for this?

Even if annotations are not supported due to compiling, we could still allow use with the method version of grape:


This is typically used in Shell as per the docs.

Hi @StephenOTT we don’t have plans to add support for @Grab annotations in Custom Actions. This feature was originally aimed for using only groovy and our simplified robotics API, and we didn’t plan support for additional libraries.
I’ve added it to the list of features to consider for future releases, but is it not currently on the roadmap.

Thanks for the update. Looking at the implementation, it would not be very much to enable this: the issue appears to be with your AST and the restrictions you are placing on the imports. If you enable whatever imports as a “use at your own risk” then this opens the community up to a lot of innovate uses and grows the user base!