Postgresql logs take up too much space


Hey guys,

We’re running into massive space issues. How does your log rotation work? From what our system admins are telling us postgresql is generating a hefty amount of logs which is clogging up our space on the server.

May we delete them without compromising necessary functionality or is there a way we can avoid this abundance of logs?


Hi @martina_r

Do you mean logs located in pg_xlog folder?


Yes, that’s the one.


@martina_r, I’ve sent you instruction to the direct messages. Let me know if it helps:)


Works like a charm! Thank you. 10GB free, immediately.

Although I’d have to ask, will this build up over time, again? Would you recommend us routinely executing these instructions?

Also, this question came up on behalf of our systems team: they found two incredibly large MDMP files in C:\RPAExpress\Rpa\rpa-grid that are about 2,000,000KB large. Should we leave them or is it okay to delete them?

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Hi @martina_r

Thanks for confirmation!
Yes, I think it’s safe to delete them, as it’s a memory dump files which are used for debugging.


could you please send me the log cleanup instructions as well? not sure why this isn’t part of the standard documentation, as it seems like a common theme.


pinging again. would really appreciate if you could provide the instructions.


Hi @sbeauchem, I’ve sent you the instruction to direct messages. Hope that helps.

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Brilliant! Tested it on our dev server and ran on our prod servers without any issues. It immediately resolved the disk space issues that were resulting in stalled bots and job failures. Thanks!


@sbeauchem Thanks for the feedback. Very glad it helped:)


I will need these instructions as well. Could you send it to me too?

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I need these instructions too, thanks.


Hello @johanna1.
Why you need these instruction? Could you please clarify?


We are running out of space on our production server because the logs consume so much disk space.


How much spaces do logs occupy? Are you sure that this is RPA Express logs and not other applications\files?


There are two folders RPA logs & RPAExpress/workfusion/data/ postresql consuming more than 48GB of space.



would also need instructions to clear the same logs as indicated above. They take tens of gigabytes of space.