Power User 2 - enrollment

Hey Team.

I’ve done the community courses, how do I go about enrolling in Power User 2?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I am in the same situation. I have just completed community courses. Are specialist courses free or not ?


Hi, Vaughan and Quentin! This course is for Partner/Customer Students only. Manager from your company should nominate you on these courses.

Good Day, Can anyone please let me know how can I apply for Power User Level 2. I have already completed RPA Express and Power User Level 1 but could not find any link for Level 2?

Hi @ahmad_khan2a, congratulations on completing the Community courses!
Please see the process of enrolling in Power User 2 in the post by @abrakovich above.

Hi Vaughan,
My boss does not know how nominate me on these courses?
Your email is mbarrientos@veriinfo.com you could indicate the procedure please.