Power User Basics course


I recently enrolled in the Power User Learning Path. However, I noticed the following note in the 4th course titled Power User Basics:

Will this course be replaced by an updated version of it? Or is it no longer required to complete the learning path?



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Hi, Mario!
The course “Power User Basics” will be available for couple of weeks. You can pass this course or wait for a new one. It will appear approximately on the 20th of December. The course is obligatory for completion of the learning path.



Can you please let us know when the new course will be available. We have multiple people in our organization who are planning to take this course and we have defined a time bound approach. If you can let us know the dates it will be easier for us to plan

Can we talk or have a call if possible in this regards

Hi! Sorry for the delay of the new Power User Basics course. We are planning to launch it on Monday 13th of Jan.!

Great! I will wait for the new content to be launched on 1/13.