Power User Certification Assignment Help


I am working on the Power User Certification Assignment and would like help please. Below is the assignment:

  1. Use 5 business cards as input data for the business process (can be downloaded here).

  2. Bot task OCR Cards fetches 3 fields ( company name , city and email ).

  3. Add the rule that will divide your data flow into 2 ways: if the company name is WorkFusion , then go to bot task Get Time — otherwise go to bot task Save Results to Excel .

  4. Bot Save Results to Excel should create an Excel file with 3 columns: Company name, City and Email. The information about the company Plotmaps should be added there.

  5. Bot task Get Time uses website https://www.worldtimeserver.com to find the current time in your city and current time in the city of company WorkFusion . Store this time in 2 different variables.

  6. Bot Outlook Send Mail should send emails to all owners of business cards with the company name WorkFusion . Subject of the email – “Let’s make a call”. Email text: “Hello everyone! Let’s make a call tomorrow at [here you specify the current time in the city of company WorkFusion ]. Please take into consideration that in my city the time will be [here you specify the current time in your city]. Regards!"

So far is what I have:

However, process fails in OCR step 6. I get the following error:
OCR error.txt (8.3 KB)

Any help you may offer on this assignment will be much appreciated! Thank you!

The bot cannot find the image that you used in the OCR action. Are you sure the image is displayed on the screen and looks the same as in the action?

Thank you - I have solved the OCR problem because my anchors were not consistent

May you please help me with the following steps? I’m not sure how to do them:

Will I use a boolean? If so, how do I code the boolean?

  1. Add the rule that will divide your data flow into 2 ways: if the company name is WorkFusion , then go to bot task Get Time — otherwise go to bot task Save Results to Excel .
  1. Bot Save Results to Excel should create an Excel file with 3 columns: Company name, City and Email. The information about the company Plotmaps should be added there.

@mcrela no, you need to publish your recordings to Control Tower, combine them in a single process, and add a decision rule that will have different scenarios based on the value of the variable that contains the company name.

Thank you ashapkina. I have created the decision rule in control tower. How do I do the next step?

Bot Save Results to Excel should create an Excel file with 3 columns: Company name, City and Email. The information about the company Plotmaps should be added there.

This is what I’ve done so far:

  • I created a variable list and appended the OCR variable string to the list. I did this for names, cities, and emails
  • Then I created Table results and appended all the lists to the table
  • Next, I created excel, opened excel, and set range using the table.

Will this work?

Below are screen shots of OCR Cards bot task and Save Results to Excel bot task.

OCR Cards bot task:

Save Results to Excel bot task:

Any help you may offer will be much appreciated!

ashapkina also when I run business process in control tower it keeps inifinitely looping the first bot task (OCR Cards). Please help

Attached is the error log
events_root_e9933d88-a0d7-4b3b-9928-3a181cc48462_2020-01-21 16_40_27.xlsx (7.7 KB)

Hello can anyone help me please? I am still getting this error for OCR Cards bot task when I run in control tower.

events_step_14c4b694-0bf1-4c56-926f-b4307379f8a1_2020-01-23 17_34_58.xlsx (4.5 KB)

However when I run in workfusion studio, the bot task runs fine. When I run the individual OCR cards bot task in its own business process in control tower, it runs fine.

Why can’t it work when I connect with the other bot tasks in a single business process?

Any help you may offer will be much appreciated!

Hi Mcrela, how I did it is

  1. I created the OCR bot task in WF studio, and the Variables name of the Business Card location needs to be consistent with the title in your control tower’s data header. so that the BP of OCR can extract the Business Card Png file from the file location you stated in the Data Input in Control tower. and the Variable for city/Company Name/Email need to be consistent across the whole entire Business Process.

by the way, you also need to publish your 5 scanned Business card png file into “File Storage” Public folder and copy the link of the file and paste it into a CSV file. (this was stated in the tips 1 of the assignment)

hope it helps

Thank you ksang.

May you please tell me more about your “bcard_scanned” variable and what kind of file type is it? What information is in the file?

Because I have published the 5 business card png files into “File Storage” and copied the links of each of the business cards and pasted it into their own rows in a csv file. That is my “file” variable and I have instructed bot to open “file” and open website for each.

This is what my control tower says. I have not yet run the business process. Is that why I do not see data headers?

Hi Mcrela,

This is my Business CSV file, the header on cell A1 needs to be the same as your variable name in your bot task. It is very important, else the bot will not be able to extract the file path.

File path can be copied from the file storage show as below.

The file “shareable Link” is the link that you should put into your CSV file. And the “Expires in” I put it like 7 days to maximize the validity of this link. Copy all 5 Business Card Png file’s shareable links into your CSV file and save it. You will need to upload it to your control tower’s “data” tab later

I take OCR as an example

  1. The default value I put it into the following OCR bot task is for me to test the bot task will run successfully in WF studio.
  2. Once the bot task tested successfully without any issue, and the task be able to OCR the information (Company Name/email/city) from the business card png file, which located on the path I put into the default value of “bcard_scanned”
  3. I publish this task to control tower
  4. The control tower will execute this task based on the input data that you upload from your CSV file. If you have 10 file links in your csv file it will perform this task 10 times. If 5 links it will be 5 times.

In control tower, you need to upload your csv file which contains your 5 business card links into data tap
You will need to do the following step to upload your CSV file which contains the 5 Business cards’ png file links

  1. Uncheck the No Data, as you need the Bot task in the Business process to perform OCR task for all 5 files, thus the bot will run the OCR task one after another based on the link uploaded via CSV file.

All the bot task result will store in the Control tower, and that is why you need to be consistent on the variable name for all the bot task you created. In order for information (City/company name/email) to be hand over from one bot task to another.

The concept of Business process is, you need to create each bot task as individual/single task, thus forget about using “for each loop” cause in control tower, each bot task will loop in the data that you input, “for each loop” is not required, and it might cause infinite looping of your bot task if you us this action.

Thank you for this information @ksang .

May you explain what is your step 6, "Substring Between (‘city’ After “,” to city)?
The screenshot is small so I am not sure what is between the two parentheses after “After”

Hello @ksang, may you also explain how you did the below step and take sceenshot of your action flow for the below step? thank you


Why does my OCR keep saying “Manager” after business process is completed?

This shouldn’t be the case because I think I’ve correctly OCR the target location in WF Studio. Please suggest how I can fix.

Also I cannot run this OCR Cards Bot task in WF studio correctly because bot task open ups chrome and downloads the file but it does not open up the file and links within so it fails in the OCR steps when run in WF studio.

Hi Relato, the reason of using the substring is because i am capturing the city OCR from “,” onwards at the address line, cause i tried few rounds, the position of Hrodna and Minsk in different scanned card is always different, thus to be on the safe side i captured the city name started from the “,” and after capture the city name which included the “,” i will need to remove the “,” that is where the substring come into picture. it will remove the “,” from the city name i captured and put the clean city name back to the city field.

Hi Relato, to answer your first question. I think your bot task in Control Tower works successfully. However, it captured the “position” instead of the company name. that is why you see Manager as your company name. this could happen if your OCR company name position is not within the captured area but your “position” is (in this case, the “Manager” has been captured). to fix this, i think you will need to go back to your RPA in workfusion. which will lead to your 2nd question. your RPA in WF are not able to open the scanned card instead it downloads it, my wild guess is, your “bcard_scanned” variable is your local C drive path, instead of file storage link. please confirm this.
The variable should be looks like below (should tally with what you put into your csv file. ) and the purpose of putting anyone of the url is for testing purpose, to ensure the Bot task can run successfully and capture the right info.

The 3rd issue which will link to your first issue above (capture the wrong info due to different capture region)
The scanned card opened with Chrome in full screen and dialog screen will lead to different capture results. Opened up the scanned image in Adobe and Chrome will lead to different capturing results too. Thus you will need to ensure the following step.

  1. In your RPA workfusion you will need to ensure Bcard_scanned URL needs to be the URL of your file storage (which will start with localhost:15110/public/………). to test your URL is a valid URL, you can just copy the URL in your Bcard_scanned variable and paste it to your Chrome address bar, and press enter, it should directly open up the scanned image. If it downloads the file which means your URL link is your local C drive path. Based on my understanding, if your link is copied from the file storage according to my previous replied’ s method, you should not have an issue.
  2. Ensure keystrokes (Win+{up)} is there, the purpose of having this is to always ensure Chrome will be in full-screen mode once opened the scanned card. So that we will have a consistent image size on all cards we opened. (give some reasonable waiting time for the image to be opened by chrome to avoid bot task fail situation)
  3. Use the full-screen mode Chrome opened a scanned card image to redo your OCR capture.
  4. Once done the capturing region and anchor region for your Company name/city/email.
  5. Run your rpa and ensure all the info was captured correctly.
  6. Once you confirm the rpa works without any issue, you will need to publish it to the control tower again.
  7. In control tower, you will need to ensure your most updated OCR bot task replaced your previous OCR bot task in your Business process. Else it will still run the previous bot task and your result will still remain the same wrong capture info.
    I found quite challenging when I want to capture the city. So what is did is, I capture the entire line below the email and substring every word before “,”. I pasted my capture region below, just for your reference.

Thank you very much, ksang. So is “bcard_scanned” variable URL the URL of the CSV file or URL of the business card PNG file?

Initially, I had “bcard_scanned” variable URL of the CSV file. Was this what caused the error? The URL is the a public URL from file storage.

In the WF studio under components section, Server components are not showing up. The slidebar is not showing any status as well.


@ashapkina - can you please help?