Power User Certification

I have completed the Power User Level 2 as well in addition to all the other 3 courses (Automation Essentials, WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Introduction, Power User - Level 1). I completed it today morning. However, its been around 3.5 hours and I haven’t received the Power User certification yet. Please help.

Is the course at 100%?

Make sure you gave feedback, delayed by certificates for a while.

Yes, it is and the feedback was also given.

OK, I got it today morning. Thank you.

Yesterday I have completed the Power User Level 2, after passing feedback i recived badge and link for certificate downloading, but link is not work and not available in https://www.credential.net.

Hi @roman_duda,

Your certificate is shown in our certification system, but due to technical issues it is unpublished. We are working on the issue and your certificate will be available soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Hi Team,
I have completed the Power User Level 1, but I didn’t received certification yet also not available in https://www.credential.net.
How can I move for next level.


I completed the Power User Basic Course on the 12th July 2019. I completed the feedback survey and got the following message ‘Certificate will be available soon’ and I still haven’t received my certification for this course. The course status shows ‘IN PROGRESS’ even though I completed everything.

Hi! Please, contact our support team in this case. Simply press “Support” button on Automation Academy course page.