Power User courses in Automation Academy

Dear trainees,

Please feel free to ask all the questions about Power User courses in this category. Our trainers monitor Forum daily and will help you. Please browse the Forum before posting as there might be solutions for your queries.

Power user learning path includes the following courses:

  • Automation Essentials - the course helps you get to know the basics of automation with WorkFusion.
  • Introduction to Intelligent Automation Cloud Express - the course help you to get started with Express Edition and covers its installation, main components, and features.
  • Building Bot Tasks - the course provides hands-on skills of automating tasks using WorkFusion Studio, including surface-based, web and desktop automation, using variables and loops, parsing text data and other actions.
  • Power User Basics - provides more in-depth training on WorkFusion product features and components: WorkFusion Studio, Control Tower, WorkSpace and others.
  • Mastering the Business Process - the course contains tutorials on end-to-end automation of a complete business process using Intelligent Automation Cloud Business.

We also will be happy to hear your feedback on the Power User learning path and any suggestions on how we can make the courses better.

Enjoy your journey with Automation Academy!