Powershell scripts

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is there any possible way to run Powershell Scripts using Workfusion RPA?

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You can accomplish this by:

  1. sending the WIN +R key combination which opens the Run menu
  2. then sending the following command:
    powershell {path_to_your_script}\{script_name}.ps1


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It will be really good to have power-shell integration with RPA express. Application services monitoring and file check on the remote machine can be done easily with power-shell.

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If you need to run a .ps1 file like mentioned above, you can call it in a Launch Application action (disable Autodetect Window) by using command:
cmd /c “powershell {path_to_your_script}{script_name}.ps1”

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When the script is deployed on the control tower and your PC is idle, the RPA fails to perform the actions (WIN+R, powershell, etc…)

Thank you for your answer

@medrick.lewis check this solution using a custom script


I’m very new to this, using the script above I understand that the cmd WIN +R has to be called to run the VBS file, however I do not know how to call that in the script.

Any hints tips or advice would be appreciated.


Hi @chodgson do you build the script using the RPA Recorder?
In this case, you can open CMD using Enter Keystrokes action

Thank you for the quick reply, works perfectly.

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