PRA Express launch hangs



During RPA Express (v1.1.1-beta) launch the splash screen appears on screen and remains open without any further progress.

Followed all KB instructions:

  1. “process explorer” - no active cmd nor recorder processes;
  2. restart;
  3. deleted RPA explorer log files and Eclipse Manager File;
  4. restart.

Problem not fixed.

Some help would be appreciated.


Hi, @apricity
Please, navigate to
add logs-rpax folder to zip archive and attach here


Hi MZ,

Thank you for the reply. In the meantime I have further explored the forum and have figured out what caused the problem.

I have installed PRA Express in the “Program Files…” rather that in the default location. Apparently, beta version doesn’t handle space in the directory path.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled using default location and for now it works.

Thanks once more for the reply.