Prerequisite queries about Work Fusion installation and Training Purpose


  1. Please do let us know how to install the Workfusion Studio and Recorder to practice and attend the Training quizzes.

  2. Are these Workfusion studio and Recorder instances are available online to better practice and attend the quizzes.

3)Presently my desktop configuration is 4 GB RAM, 250 GB memory, 2 Core processor with 64 bit, please do let know the system configuration to get install the Workfusion studio and Recorder instances.

4)Is this Workfusion Studio and Recorder are freeware or licensed version.

  1. Do we need any other software apart from Workfusion studio and Recorder instance for better practice.

  1. RPA Express download link is currently having some sort of issues. Sign up and it should be emailed to you
    2.Yes, there are for companies that pay $$$ for it.
  2. Your desktop is below the minimum specs for WF. Get more ram and a better processor
  3. RPA Express is free, the rest is paid.
  4. Xpath helpers are useful.