Problem after closing Excel


My RPA Express bot steps are:

  1. to launch Application (to open excel)
  2. to make some key button combinations (for example, to create new tabs and to save a new excel file)
  3. to close excel program
  4. to use Excel actions to add data in the created excel file (for example, “open spreadsheet”, “switch to sheet”, “set range” actions)

The problem is the step 4 doesn’t work because the bot thinks that excel program is still working. But I have checked the closing of Excel before the following actions.

Thank you in advance.

@Kristina perhaps, the application doesn’t have enough time to close. Try adding a Wait before using Excel actions after closing it.

It didn’t help because Excel was still working in hide mode after closing.

Try killing the excel process using command taskkill /f /im excel.exe in cmd before using Excel actions.

It didn’t help.
Please, check the mistake.

What is the format of the file that you are trying to open?
Do you have other data than text in it?

If possible, could you share the Excel file to have a look?

I want to open “file_name.xlsx” and to add data in it from internal variable.
The mistake appears when the bot makes the “Open Spreadsheet” action.

Make sure that editing is allowed in the file.
Also, is there any message when you open the file manually?

Also, is the file password-protected?

there aren’t any problems with opening the file (no any pop-up windows).

Is the file password-protected?
And is editing enabled?

The file isn’t password-protected.
And the file can be edited.

Thank you. Is it possible to share the file so we can try to reproduce this issue?

Yes, but it won’t be usefull.
Because the file is empty and i add text information from the variable with “table” type.
data.xlsx (8.2 KB)

@Kristina sorry for delay. I couldn’t reproduce the issue with the file. Does the Open spreadsheet action work correctly when you have it at the beginning of the script, i.e. if you don’t open the file n the screen before it?

The problem appears with “Open Spreadsheet” action after using “Lauch Application” action.
If i create an excel file using “Lauch Application” action “Open Spreadsheet” action works with errors.
But if i copy an excel file without using “Lauch Application” action i can add data to the file.
I think the problem is the bot doesn’t understand that Excel program is closed.

Can you share you script here, too? We’ll try to reproduce this issue.


What application or file do you open using Win+r?

taskkill /f /im excel.exe

I couldn’t reproduce this issue - the workflow works correctly.
Can you zip the folder with your recording in which you get the error and share it here?
Also, please share the full text of the error message.