Problem publishing bot task to local control tower

Hi @ashapkina

I have run into a problem of not being able to publish the bot task to a local control tower.
Please note that I am able to publish the recorded process, but not the one converted to the code format.

@aleksandrs.bogdanovs try using the complete Control Tower url: http://localhost:15280/workfusion/

I get same error. The one that you see in the screen I cant change, it is locked, but I use full URL in the previous step.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

@aleksandrs.bogdanovs could you please send these logs to investigate:

@aleksandrs.bogdanovs can you also check if you can publish to Control Tower from Recorder?


I have reinstalled the RPA express and it worked, than the error happened again, so I tried changing the filename (saving the xml as a new file) and it worked…

Do you have any safe way to submit log files?

You can zip and send the logs to